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The rain poured down over the bus. The lightning lit the night sky, and the thunder shook the air. The droplets streamed down the windows, one by one in their single-file lines, and thumping on the roof. The weight of the sky fell upon the world. It seemed like an endless downpour, and nothing was going to stop it, not for any man.

It was quiet. Ben was the only one left in the vehicle. The only one in the middle of this dark, stormy night. The lightning flickered through the windows, allowing Ben to see the misery in his reflection. It seemed like the night would never end, and the bus would roll forever.

"Last stop, Buddy. This is as far as your ride goes." The bus driver called.

The voice echoed in Ben's head. This was the last stop for him. The last stop in life. He rode the rest of his money to nowhere, and now, this is where he would be left. Out in the pouring rain, with nothing more but the clothes upon his back.

Ben stepped out of the bus, and nodded to the driver. The rain immediately drenched his head, and flushed out the warmth in his body. His last means of transportation pulled off, splashing some water onto his shoes. The night had only just begun, and already it seemed things could go nowhere but down.

Ben walked to the near park bench, and sat. He lowered his head, and let the rain continue to beat down on him. His lips became cracked, and his body cold. His heart shivered for warmth, for a simple touch on this dreary night. He figured nothing could get worse. He'd die here, on this park bench, from hypothermia, and live his life in hell for the stupid decisions he had made.

Just as these thoughts crossed his mind, footsteps approached him, and splashed water as she stepped. She stood next to him, as wet and shaken as he was. She wore a raincoat, him in his suit, and she wore a hat. Their eyes did not meet, as the both stared at the ground, hopeless for the future.

"This is it, Fleur. This is the life we were destined to have." Ben said, in sarcastic enthusiasm. Fleur remained quiet, as the shadow from her hat cast over her miserable face. The thunder cracked, leaving a hint of sorrow in the air.

"The house is gone. My job has been lost. The car was stolen. We have nothing left." He said. There was no where else to go. She continued to remain silent, and possibly a tear running down from her cheek.

"This is what we get! This is what love has told us! For us to be together, we have to be literally in the most miserable position!" He yelled. His voice emptied into the lonely park.

"Please...Stop." Fleur asked, in a low, monotone voice. She didn't raise her eyes, or give any further notice of how her face reflected her emotions. She didn't care anymore. Life had reached it's limit.

"Why, Fleur? We're homeless! We have no job, no money!" The thunder roared the sky, and the rain continued to tumble upon their misery. He stood, this time, and looked straight at her, with tears rolling down his face. She too, had tears in her eyes. "This is the life we get, for being together!" He said.

She didn't look up, trying to hide her scrunched face. "This is my fault..." She said, "If I didn't-" She was interrupted, "You didn't what, Fleur? We made this choice! You cancelled everything you had, the life you could've known, the riches out of country, to be with me." He tried to stop himself from crying, but it failed. "All I did was bitch and complain. I wanted to be with you, so I left. I abandoned the life I knew to follow your dreams, and look at where it left us." Ben said.

She cried further. She couldn't believe the agony that took upon the scene in such a short time. Fleur stuttered for a moment, and revealed her face of smeared make-up and tears. She spoke, "I did the same for you, too, Ben."

Lightning lit the sky as the sparks flew into their gaze. The eye contact stared them down into each others souls. They looked at each other, taking in how the other felt. They knew, at that moment, what was really going on. This wasn't about life right then, it was about how their relationship, and love had drawn to such a climax, that they threw the life away that they knew, to be with each other.

Ben stuttered to make words, "...I-...Fleur, I-" The thunder struck again, and the lightning lit the sky. The rain didn't stop pouring as it tumbled on their heads.

Fleur felt the frustration this time, "You what, Ben? You're sorry? Because that's what you said before, when we weren't in this mess." Ben shuddered, as the blow hit deep in his heart. He stepped forward, and grabbed the sides of her face with his palms, "Yes, Fleur. I am sorry. I can't do anything to fix this right now, but I realize something. Something more important than having a home, or a car."

Fleur stared into his eyes with both disbelief, and not a care in the world, "What, Ben?"

Ben forced out a weak smile, "I realized what I really did this for. I did it for you." The rain became louder, and struck the ground with it's force. "And right about now...I wouldn't have done it any other way."

Fleur let out a single tear down her cheek, then further being covered up by rain. "...Ben..." She hugged him close, and the warmth of their hearts and bodies shook. They shivered, and quivered as they cried in relief that they had the other. This is what they gave up life for, to be in love.

They held each other close, and let the rain pour down on that cold, windy night. Love wouldn't let this couple go cold. Not this time.
Not exactly a with him story, but I thought I made the scene quite well. If you guys know anything about my writings, it's all based off my emotions. Think what you like about this piece, it's my own story. <3
KS-Portfolio Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2011
Wow, this was very good, very active. As always I love your descriptions~!

Only recommendation is the repeat of words. you said a few things many times such as the word bus. You could have said something like... the Large means of transportation or something to that manner. Com unity Vehicle. ect

But I really like the message of it. was a wonderful story especially for something that just came to you on a whim~
Shui26 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2011  Student Writer
Actually went ahead and changed some of the language in the first few paragraphs. Check it out~
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